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Our brand is registered in Finland, a sub-brand of Train2Impact, a consulting and training organisation  providing the Pakistani educationists with world-class teacher training with its collaboration partners.

Our CEO and Founder, Lisa Markula, is a global citizen from Finland, but is a Pakistani at heart. From over 55 countries she has visited, Pakistan is her favourite, her true home, which she loves due to its rich and vibrant culture, beautiful and varied landscapes, limitless possibilities and most of all, its friendly and hospitable people.  She feels that she can contribute the most to society by supporting especially the underprivileged female artisans in Pakistan. She feels she has a special bond to these women despite the language barrier, as she views them as kind, friendly, independent, hardworking and proud of their work, which can contribute to the well-being of their whole family.

Although Lisa has no formal education in textiles, she felt that these women needed the most support and wanted to do something for them although that meant learning a totally different industry from scratch! Though as a child she did learn a bit of the same cross-stitch and knitting from her grandmother, who after serving as a nurse in WWII taught e.g. hand-weaving to women in the poorest province of Finland, Kainuu, and thus Lisa feels that she is continuing in her grandmother’s footsteps, and this brand is also a testament to her memory. 

Contact Lisa at:


      +358 50 49 17929

And you can also check out our collection at Bizarre shop in Salo, Finland.



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